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What is Godliness? And how to reach there?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

The steps that are the prerequisites for self-realisation- reaching god.

a) Work with complete loyalty

b) Learn the art of following the gut feel

c) Talk less, listen more, and therefore the presence of two ears and one mouth

d) Be happy- always contented

e) Always have a reason to smile

f) Stop the blaming game

g) Stop brooding and complaining with immediate effect

h) Purify the mind:- which means never believe that anybody or any situation can be responsible for my present life situation.


i) Never crave to take revenge but learn and change

j) Physical strength is temporary and changeable, but internal strength is like a vast deep ocean, that will not cease to exist with any number of buckets of water taken away from it. It is this strength that should be our focus to dive into.

k) Refrain from judgement

l) Give in to love

m) Connect to your higher self through meditation, self-analysis and guru’s words.

n) Enjoy every moment, do not miss the moment by tagging it.

o) Do not gossip

p) Do not say words that are not required

q) Know that god can do no wrong

Follow the above steps to attain self-realisation and reach god.

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