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About Didi and Her Mission

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Shubha, fondly addressed as Shubha Didi by her yogis is a practical torch bearer of happiness, joy and holistic living. 

Didi is a true spiritual master and renowned business woman, film producer, and is well travelled. At an early age, she realised that life is just not all about the daily chores but has much more profound meaning and a higher calling.


She was intrigued in knowing the reality that we live in, to realise one's own true self, she met her true master (Bhagwan) at the age of 13 and her spiritual journey had  begun.


A selfless person with a wealth of knowledge, Didi is a non-materialistic, non- judgemental person, who helps people overcome their problems and help them discover themselves.


Through her positive thinking, thoughts, words, deeds and actions, she helps us realise our true nature and guides us towards overcoming the feeling of stress, anxiety, anger and jealousy that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Unconditional love is the only universal language which makes our soul feel healed and is our nature. She is a true leader who believes in creating more true leaders standing in their own self. 


With complete awakening and paralleled worldly wisdom and  experience her teachings help each one of us build and lead a successful life operating from higher platform intellectually.


All of her teachings are based on true practical experiences enabling one to evolve spiritually higher and live life to fullest in the physical, professional world. 


She is a true master who not only shows the path but will hold your hand throughout the journey till the end by unlocking the hidden treasures within yourself locked up for ages.


The human form is meant to experience the highest and unscathed stillness of the mind, true knowledge and wisdom, realising your own true self, happiness are the  greatest assets that one can embody in today's world.

Didi's  Spiritual / Holistic Living Discourse is about the spiritual awakening of our mind that goes through a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions which makes us happy one minute and sad the next. 

Her discourses or “vaanis” open the door of knowledge, making us realize the true power of one’s self, and giving us the confidence to express and explore the new dimensions to our life. Her powerful and inspiring words, drive us to dive deep into knowing who we really are and what is our purpose in this world.

Her teachings are simple, yet profound.


It connects with you because the message and the messenger are the same. Her words and vibrations heal you of all the worldly pains, and transform your life into something that is worth cherishing.


As we listen and imbibe the teachings / Gyan, we realize who we are, learn to calm our minds, rise above the pain and pleasures that life offers and realize true happiness.


This treasure of knowledge of “How to truly lead your life” is imparted to us by our Didi whose aura and actions are that of only love, love and love which surpasses the boundaries of religions, communities and nationalities. She teaches us what in a true sense is “let go” of expectations and attachments are while still being a part of this world and it’s journey of never ending ups and downs.



Didi's teachings have the ability to:

1. Awaken our thoughts, 

2. Deep dive into our inner self to find out who we are, 

3. Gain insights into what is true happiness and above all 

4. How can we live a purposeful life and reach true realisation.



Didi's Mission: Is to elevate every living mind and enlighten every living heart which is the only gateway to all happiness and peace. 

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