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Clouds in Sky

What We Do

Are you ashamed of your own silly mistakes done in the past? Or, are you undergoing a regret? Or, are you facing a guilt of any kind? 

Are you interested in an opportunity to get rid of all your self-created mess?

Well, then without wasting a second, dive into all our WORKSHOP VIDEOS

Get your questions answered while listening to other questions being answered by Shubha Didi.


We teach you the art of being your own friend. Dive into our audiobook of MY TRUE FRIEND

We help you understand the depth of one of our deepest scriptures- Ashtavakra Gita. Dive into our audiobook ASHTAVAKRA GITA explained by Shubha Didi. This scripture explains the ultimate, which is THE SELF.

Shubha Didi reveals the meaning of the same in the most simplest way, which we all can practically relate to. Elevate yourself through this journey.

Do you want an instant upliftment? Dive into our GEMS OF WISDOM

Would you like to listen to what others have to say of their experiences

Would you want to witness certain moments captured by us? Dive into our PHOTO GALLERY

Contribute to support us in uplifting lives by DONATING

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